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Staff Flu Vaccinations Campaign

Data Driven Jabs

Problem: Our client was a large NHS Hospital Trust employing over 15,000 members of staff, spanning across 3 hospital sites. Staff flu vaccination rates for healthcare workers (HCWs) at this trust were historically poor at 50% or less being vaccinated for the past few years.

MSKI Solution: We were able to extract the raw data from the newly implemented staff flu vaccination booking app and align it with the internal Electronic Staff Records (ESR) data. The merged dataset was then used to build a live interactive dashboard which monitored the vaccination rates across the 3 hospital sites and also enabled the identification of staff who had not been vaccinated. The newly found actionable insights informed the operational team to deploy targeted communication to encourage unvaccinated staff to become vaccinated.  

Outcome: Almost 80% of HCW staff were vaccinated by the end of the campaign, concluding in an all time high rate!

Staff Flu Vaccinations Campaign: Projects
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