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NHS Health Checks Recovery

Data Driven Invitations

Problem: Our client was a local authority that were severely underperforming with regards to invitation rates for NHS health checks. The local authority were expected have invited 90-100% of the eligible local population within 5 years; however, at the end of the 4th year they had only managed to invite 58%, warranting a warning letter from Public Health England pushing for a substantial increase in invitations in the final year.

MSKI Solution: Our team analysed primary care data in order to understand the numbers of uninvited eligible population registered to every GP practise within the borough. Utilising predictive analytics, we were able to stratify groups of GP practices by the likelihood of them sending an invite upon request. Naturally the practices with the larger health check eligible patient population were prioritised for targeted communications campaigns. We were able to form a partnership with pharmacies and other organisations that delivered mobile health checks to ensure that there was sufficient capacity to deliver the health check once patients accepted invitations. 

Outcome: The data driven campaign generated an incredible 22,000 invitations in one year (highest ever), resulting in an overall coverage of 93% of the total eligible population.

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